Very poor Craftsmanship at the Last Best West

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Do not purchase a hat from these folks. The Hatter by the name of Longfellow is very unskilled at his profession.

I bought a custom hat ($400) from them and it was so poorly done I had to take it to someone else to make it even wearable. His abilities were poor and attention to detail and quality were absolute the worst anyone has ever see. These are comments from other hatters I took my hat to to have it fixed. Hat was crooked, undersized and cut incorrectly.

What a huge disappointment.

Buyer beware, you can do much better from just about anyone.

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ive been wanting a vin tanner hat since i was a kid and im a gonna order one of these hats so excited lol i want the gun riggin too this site is awesome dad is gettin one too


Buddy you must be naive.I have 5 of their hats and they are all amazing.

And really, what did you think another hatter would say? Do you really expect GM to praise a Ford?

Grow up.It sounds like you have no idea what a good hat is.


:grin Hmmmm - I went onto the site for the last best west and they have hundreds and hundreds of great testimonials, and just this one sour grapes whine. Probably a guy who's never happy anyway. I'll still be buying a hat from them they look amazing!

to Sherri #1417438

Or it could be a guy who knows what to expect from a new hat and received one of Longfellow's culls.Something just lying around and used for practice.

All the positive feedback is what prompted me to buy the 50%. Hardly an investment. I'm not whining. A lot of people would be embarrassed to admit they had been taken.

Something's you may not notice right out of the box. I agree , my hat is cull. Its junk.I used to work on western ranches, a good wind would probably finish this cull.

They have an eye candy website though.What I tell folks after I show them my hat is "its a good thing they're not the last because they sure ain't the best"

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